Just made a purchase? Excited to try them on but feel that your very first pair of undies with us didn’t fit your groove? 😔 You can either toss it out the window, keep it as a collector’s item, or send it back to us for a Refund or Exchange. We’re THAT confident you’ll love our undies! Our 30-Day First Pair Guarantee means that you can try one (1) pair for up to 30 days and if it’s the wrong size, we’ll send you your correct size for FREE, yeap… for FREE 💪

If you’ve made a bundle daypack purchase, we will only be able to process a Refund only if ONE pair is opened and the rest of the undies in the bundle daypack are still sealed. We will not be able to Refund or Exchange the bundle daypack if the other packages have been opened. This is due to sanitary reasons, which we’re sure you’d understand!

Sounds too good to be true? Then join us on this journey with Comfort Republic - where your satisfaction is our pleasure. Please contact us at

for further enquiries.